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I love the customer service. When I call for Tech Support someone gets right back to me. Ann P. City Government
You’re an extension of our department. The software is great. The online support is great. Tom J. County Government
OpenRDA is very easy to use. All the steps are right there for someone to follow. I really like the software. it is very intuitive. I Love the Undo functions. Kristi A. County Schools
This is probably the best thing since sliced bread. The report you built for me saves me a couple hours work when balancing Janice B. County Schools

I felt like the most important thing at that moment was to get me taken care of and back to work!


The RDA team members are always so wonderful and an expert at what they do. Thank you so much!


OpenRDA 4.0 is working great! I like that it is on the web, it’s easy to operate. The set up went smooth.


Finance Suite

The Finance suite is the heart of OpenRDA. Designed from the beginning to make your life easier, these modules gather the transactions from all of the other OpenRDA tools. We can also gather data from other software packages and your vendors. For example, we can import a file from your bank to automate your Bank Reconciliation process or gather information from your substitute system to eliminate time-consuming manual transfers.

Payroll Suite

It would be great if payroll was simple, but it isn’t. Whether you are a school system juggling leave requests and substitutes or a city/county managing work crews, there are a lot of variables to be dealt with. OpenRDA makes your life easier by allowing you to set data up in advance, including cash management and offsetting entries. This lets you focus on the issues that are unique to this payroll and get things done quickly, efficiently and effectively.

HR Suite

Human Resource tracking and reporting requirements seem to change every day, sometimes every hour. OpenRDA offers the flexibility to select, range and sort on a wide range of data, current and historical. You can query information, set the column layout and export the information to a spreadsheet file. And our HR and payroll components work hand in hand so that changes in employee status are automatically reflected throughout the system.

Revenue and Collections Suite

Revenue billing and collections are the basic activities that drive local governments. Each local entity has unique needs but shares a common concern – provide great customer service to residents while maximizing collection rates to maintain and improve county services.  From gathering data to producing bills to providing multiple collection points, OpenRDA has you covered.

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